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With the strongest team, Pristine Contracting will supply each material from the retaining wall, to the concrete mixer and ultimately lay each brick and complete masonry. From project build - to design work, we will also complete any contracting or building project. All different styles of masonry are available, with Pristine Contracting's owner Anthony Milne, having a strong passion and individual expertise in masonry.

Pristine Contracting is happy to help with any construction project, addition or any of your home improvements. With a large database of contractors, each renovation is completed with a broad array of skills; including, masonry, landscape architecture, architect design, design, and building. This truly supports any construction project for design or renovation. From each brick, each piece of wood and each tool, Pristine Contracting guarantees 100% satisfaction and also safety; helping to redefine, ‘what is design’, each project is designed internally and built under one strong team.


Pristine Contracting is proudly Canadian and is happy to serve Durham Region Toronto and the surrounding GTA.

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